Monday, 22 October 2012

[RE4] Kriss Super -Gold

*********Kriss Super Gold***************

This is my first Resident Evil 4 mod....
Hope you like it..

-Skript47 =convert Kriss Model from PB to GTA
-David V.B=convert Kriss Model from GTA to CS
-Fadli Koesmayadi,S.St. = assign, compile

Replace "ALL" TMP weapon....

wep1100.pmd = TMP
wep1101.pmd = TMP + Silencer
wep1102.pmd = TMP w/ Stock
wep1103.pmd = TMP w/ Stock + Silencer

wep2900.pmd = Custom TMP [Hunk]

wep3900.pmd = TMP [Ada]


Installation Instructions:

-Open "Kriss-gold-Fadli" within this archive
-Copy "xfile" folder to your main Resident Evil 4 directory
-Overwrite files
-Have fun!

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